New collaboration

FOB PARIS x PARTS OF FOUR, La nouvelle collaboration

It is difficult to date precisely the meeting between the designers of Parts of Four (P4) and the trio of FOB PARIS.

For years, they have been meeting every three months during the Parisian Fashion Weeks, attending the same events, presenting their collections in the same street. P4 is an avant-garde jewelry brand with a very powerful universe. Evolving in the bosom of the designer Rick Owens, P4 has been able to create its own codes season after season, shared with a very large and loyal community.

P4's universe resonates with the one developed by FOB PARIS through its collections, and the convergences between their two worlds are undeniable: raw creations and minimalist atmosphere, audacity and singularity of design, emphasis on craftsmanship, meticulousness in the choice of materials and the association of colors...

"We find at P4 this same will to create without concession, and to bring a poetic glance to their subject. We work with time, they work with matter. Explain the creators of FOB PARIS. Their collaboration, which has been talked about for a long time, became a reality in the summer of 2020, when the designers decided to join forces for a capsule collection.

"We share a lot of references in our inspirations, and have similar ways of working. It was very easy to create together," say Aurélien, Laurent and Sari. For their collaboration, P4 and FOB PARIS work with the iconic R413 automatic watch from FOB PARIS, completely transformed for the occasion. It is dressed with a solid silver suit that embraces the case, to bring the brutalism of the watch to its paroxysm. Two oversized links, also in solid silver, link the case and the leather strap developed exclusively for this collection.

These pieces are available in different finishes (solid silver, gold plated, diamond set...), to present a very rich collection, available in several dozen versions made of combinations of these different elements.

This collection is articulated around 9 flagship models, presented by the two brands, and sold between 1215€ and 3600€. Like all FOB PARIS watches, they are hand assembled in Besançon. The jewelry pieces are also handmade in the P4 workshops in Bali. The meeting of the different elements and their assembly is done in Paris, between the workshops of FOB PARIS and P4.