For sustainability, creation, extraordinary,
Against the disposable and the standardized,
for the preservation of craftsmanship

All production, through the resources it consumes and the waste it generates, has an environmental cost. Therefore, wherever possible, the disposable and the obsolete must give way to the durable and repairable. At FOB PARIS, we believe that craftsmanship is one of the ways to meet this ambition. The craftsman guarantees the quality of the product. Because he masters all the manufacturing stages, he ensures the future repairability of his product. By placing people at the heart of the manufacturing process, watchmaking in particular, and craftsmanship in general, is a powerful vector of creation. The know-how of the craftsman is precious in that it allows him to materialize his creativity, to give birth to the extraordinary, and to invent the world of tomorrow.

Today more than ever, because we need to rethink our production methods and shake up our imaginations, craftsmanship skills are precious assets. Nevertheless, UNESCO considers that globalization and the advent of mass production is “a risk to the survival of traditional forms of craftsmanship”. Convinced of their importance and fascinated by the know-how of the craftsmen around us, we wish, at our level, to contribute to preserve them and make them prosper.

▪ Because we are confident in the work of our craftsmen and want to highlight their know-how, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our watches,
▪ Because we want to highlight creation and crafts, we bring the Arts et Metiers collection to life, with exceptional watches, produced in limited editions,
▪ Because we want to make the know-how of our watchmakers prosper, we put their art at the service of other creative people to imagine unique watchmaking pieces, within the Time Capsules collection