All FOB PARIS watches are certified “Made in France”.

Developed in our Design Office in Besançon, the watches are all assembled in Paris, in the FOB PARIS workshop, in the heart of the Marais. Very manual and meticulous work, each watch will spend several days between the workbench and the control desks. The adjustment and finishing of the movement first, then the assembly of the components, and finally, 72 hours of quality control, before leaving the workshop.

FOB PARIS watches all work with automatic or solar-powered movements manufactured in Japan – chosen for their reliability and durability.

The cases are machined from 316L stainless steel, colored with the highest quality of PVD. The wristwatches are all equipped with a sapphire crystal.

The leathers chosen are all from vegetable tanneries, from Italy or Portugal.

The watchmaker is at the heart of the manufacture of FOB Paris watches. Next to him, a network of craftsmen thanks to whom the designers constantly play with the limits of watch creation: jewelers (Paris), gilders (Paris), engravers (Paris), leatherworkers (Paris region), founders ...

One of the first achievements of these teams: inventing the R40TOR100 modularity system to assemble a pocket watch on the wrist. A modularity system using joint rings and exclusively developed for FOB PARIS.

Playing with the limits of watch creation also means creating extraordinary pieces.

Twice a year, FOB PARIS presents a new collaboration, carried out with designers, artists... who bring their exceptional creativity to French watchmaking. These exceptional pieces are presented under the TIME CAPSULES collection.