Fob paris

FOB Paris is a contemporary watch brand founded by three friends, engineers, passionate about art and creation. They draw their inspiration from the past and from their fascination with the future. Each watch, made in France, is a unique piece of jewelry that embodies their vision of a past projected into the future.

Trained in the most prestigious French engineering schools, the founders learned mathematics, engineering sciences. They then discover fundamental physics, a fascinating subject where time is a major subject of study. Which became an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Passionate about art, fashion, the idea of giving substance to their inspirations came up very soon after they graduated. They trained in design, watchmaking and jewelery and imagined their first timepiece, a radically modern pocket watch, in 2012. Their work, breaking away from the traditional watch industry, made them quickly noticed by prestigious craftsmen and designers with whom they had the chance to collaborate, and thus to continue their training and their horological explorations.

We see time as a space of freedom. An opportunity to explore. Discover. Time is not a line. Time is a dimension through which we travel. The lines are only mathematical abstractions.

We do not live in the present, neither in the past, nor in the future. The past inspires, nourishes. And the future fascinates. We live at the intersection of the three. Here.

There, everywhere. Every moment.

We believe in watchmaking that not only indicates time, but is a physical representation of it. Jewels that do not belong to any era, but reflect the complexity of time.

Dessinée par les trois créateurs de la marque, la boutique est un vaisseau temporel, matérialisation de la signature de FOB PARIS, WE ARE TIME EXPLORERS. Espace épuré, fait de béton et d’acier, il est une représentation physique d’un temps non chronologique. Le temps comme une abstraction qui ne prend corps que dans la matière.


Minimalist, modern and poetic, the FOB PARIS boutique dares to radically move away from the traditional codes of the watch industry, to highlight craftsmanship and creation.