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L'ATELIER FOB PARIS, Découvrez les coulisses

FOB PARIS has installed its workshop in the heart of Paris.
All FOB PARIS watches are assembled there by the brand's watchmakers. Very manual and meticulous work, each watch will spend several days between the workbench and the various stages of control.

The FOB PARIS workshop also carries out all the maintenance operations on the brand's watches: movement revisions, changing the glass, the hands...
Centre of expertise where the brand's own know-how has been developed, the workshop occupies an absolutely central place in the FOB PARIS system, which goes far beyond the technical aspects.

FOB PARIS considers its workshop as a real place of creation.
The craftsmen put their know-how at the service of the creative people they work with on a daily basis. Integrated within the same team, they experiment and develop new techniques. Associated with other craftsmen or with creative people invited to collaborate with the brand, they explore new ways of bringing traditional watchmaking to life, and are directly involved in the conception and realization of the watches of the Time Capsules collection.