Geometric lines for an assertive look

The R100 was designed as a high-end fashion accessory.

An avant-garde watchmaking piece, it blurs the lines and plays with the limits, between leather goods and watchmaking, between past and future. Because it is unlike any other, it intrigues and fascinates.

To link the pocket watch, and its concentric circles, to the parallel lines of the imposing piece of leather, the creators of FOB PARIS have drawn a square with beveled faces , in which the circle fits perfectly.

Or how geometry is mobilized in the service of a harmonious design.

The modular watch

Adapted to a leather cuff of the iconic R40 pocket watch, the R100 cuff is an evolving piece, at the forefront of FOB PARIS watchmaking exploration. Thanks to its O-ring system, the case can easily be assembled or separated from the cuff, to alternate between wearing it on the wrist, in the pocket and around the neck.

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Multiply the lifts

Once detached from the cuff, FOB PARIS offers a chain to accompany your watch.

With its Venetian link and its length of 80cm, it is designed to allow the watch to be worn in the pocket of pants or jacket, and thus pay homage to the traditional pocket watch.

It also allows for a more modern interpretation, by wearing it as a real mechanical jewel, on a necklace.

Reliability and quality

Like all FOB PARIS watches, the R100 are certified "Made in France", and assembled by our watchmakers in our Parisian workshop, in the heart of the Marais.

It incorporates an automatic movement, made in Japan and reworked by us, chosen for its reliability, durability and aesthetic qualities, since it reveals its gears through the opening of the watch dial.

The steels used to machine the watch are treated with the best PVD baths, which make it possible to obtain deep and unalterable colors.

The leather goods were developed with a Parisian craftsman who puts his know-how at the service of the greatest houses. His work has made it possible to develop a cuff that is both robust and very pleasant to wear. The leathers are sourced from the most beautiful vegetable tanneries in Portugal.

To link all these elements, the engineering of FOB PARIS is fully expressed in the R100TOR40 modularity system, designed exclusively for this evolving watch.

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